Third-Party Manufacturing

Third-Party Manufacturing

Your Trusted Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company

We stepped into the pharma domain long back and made ourselves successful in the drug manufacturing business with our unmatched quality and standards. We, the Iatric Pharma are located in the heart of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh with our ultra-modern plant equipped with top-notch technology and features.

Furthermore, we are one of the best third party manufacturing companies in Baddi providing quality products. Our stringent quality norms controlled by a quality management team set us apart. Also, we are an ISO, GLP, and GMP certified pharma company with an aim to provide you with the best.

Leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturer

With years of experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical manufacturing business, we take pride in our consistent efforts and hard work. We are a team of certified and hardworking professionals working day and night to serve the country. Our products are well accepted in the market for their quality and packaging. 

We are experts in antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory, antipyretics and antispasmodics, multivitamins and health supplements, antigastroparesis, neurological or neuropathic, antiallergic or antifungal, and antiworm. Furthermore, we are renowned for our huge contribution to the injectables division by providing cutting edge technology.

Our Services

Aside from being the best third party pharma manufacturers India, our moral values, ethics, and core makes us special. Our pharma company is built strongly on professional attitude and humane values that bring advantages to our partners and us. 

We offer brilliant services in the form of:

  • Consistent quality and in time delivery
  • Support in drug registration and trademark
  • Support in packing material procurement and designing
  • Assistance in promotional material

With all these benefits in one go, iatric Pharma stands talk in the pharmaceutical business in Baddi, India. We are the ones you need to bring profits to your business.

Why Third-Party Manufacturing?

Third-party manufacturing in the pharmaceutical business has been a long-standing practice to cut costs, improve productivity, and provide quality products to the nation. The pharma companies in Baddi have been involved in third party manufacturing for more than a decade. We are rapidly growing, unique, and innovative in terms of a drug manufacturing business. Today, many big pharmaceutical giants are aiming to outsource and market their products through Baddi and save their time.

In the last decade, the third party manufacturing business has transformed greatly with the involvement of multinational companies in India. It is now globally accepted and recognized as one of the efficient means to provide quality pharma products. The worldwide revenue for contract manufacturing has seen a steady rise in the past few years. On the other hand, India is emerging as one of the strongest contenders in the pharmaceutical market.

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